Previous Experience

In my previous role as a director of RN Murphy,I oversaw in the last 3 years the design and site management of 3 major projects with a combined mechanical & electrical value of over €30M, as well as the smaller projects of M & E value of approx. €12M.

  • I became responsible for quality control within the practice. I developed a team approach to agreeing the quality standards. I did this with my own team and then made it available to the other teams for adoption and use.
  • I was responsible for standardising our M & E specifications.
  • In the last 5 years, I have managed both the mechanical and electrical aspects of all projects under my responsibility.


  • I developed the energy section which provided façade analysis, Building Regulations compliance, daylight and thermal studies, natural ventilation studies, glass specifications for curtain walling, etc. I set up the BREEAM analysis in RNM. I have also advised clients on the total energy approach to large developments (Digital Hub-280 apartments, hotel and offices; Aikens Village-750 units with district heating; Dundalk Town centre-in planning development with proposed central energy plant).


  • I work with clients, architects and project managers from concept stage to practical completion and post PC snagging.



Joe Rooney