Proteus Consulting Engineers was set up to provide a highly personalised service to clients especially in the current climate where the aim now is usually to provide the minimum service possible. In addition to good design, clients will receive personal attention by a director, who will ensure the following:

Best design practice balancing client budgets with energy
efficiency for the mechanical and electrical installations.

Personal service to clients. This means attendance at all design team meetings and all site meetings by a director.

Full analysis of all possible design options to enable the    client to understand the options and the implications of various choices. This will include life cycle analysis where the real cost of plant and design decisions can be analysed.

Proper specification of design and plant equipment   within the client budget constraints. This will be followed by rigorous enforcement of the specifications on the mechanical and electrical contractors. Unfortunately, current tendering conditions encourage contractors to depart from the specifications when tendering, with the hope of a lowering of the specification when on site.

Low energy design advice. We have extensive experience of low energy design. However, we also believe in keeping controls as simple as possible to ensure the systems can be operated and controlled by client staff.